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Original Short Animation Penpe to Pinpi Hits Youtube on October 9th

A promotional image for the upcoming Penpe to Pinpi short Youtube anime, featuring the titular characters a dog named Penpi and a Cat named Pinpi.


Voice actor Koutaro Nishiyama is stepping into the director’s chair for Penpe to Pinpi (“Penpe and Pinpi”), an upcoming short form Youtube anime about the modest everyday lives of an earnest dog and a laidback cat. The main staff has been revealed for the series, including:


  • Character design: makomo
  • Director: Koutaro Nishiyama
  • Animation, production: Eri Kasahara
  • Music: Kento Itō
  • Sound effects: Tatsuro Yoshida
  • Recording studio: e-na Studio
  • Producer: Hiroki Yokota, Takaya Kikuchi


In Penpe to Pinpi, voice actor Koutaro Nishiyama provides the voice of Penpe while voice actor Kenichi Suzumura provides the voice of Pinpi.



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Penpe to Pinpi will be streamed on the official TAKALAKA Youtube channel beginning on October 09, 2022, with new episodes posted every second and fourth Sunday each month.




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