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Orient Season 2 Episode 11: The White Clad Clan! Release Date & More!

Orient Season 2 Episode 11 will be the mission to save Lord Tusuomi. The previous episode was all about the reunion of the Shimazu brothers. It all started with the Akihiro attack on Oni. However, he was going on a suicide mission to defeat the Oni inside the Yamata no Orochi. Musashi cleared all the doubts between the brothers with the help of the Force makers and defeated the Oni together.

The next episode of the anime will go on a new mission to save the lord of the White Clad clan. However, Musashi seemed to be worried about Tsugumi and Kojiro in the previous episode ending. It seems that there is something that is unknown to the party that has gone on the mission to save the Lord. Check out the article below for more updates regarding the latest episode of the anime!

Orient Season 2 Episode 11

Orient Season 2 Episode 11: What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

The Orient Season 2 Episode 11 will be all about the White Clad clan. Musashi was worried about some of the members of its clan. However, it looked like the clan had stepped into some trouble. But this trouble will reveal itself in the upcoming episode of the anime. There might also be other plot points in the next episode of the anime that are not clear for now.

The most potential plot point is that Musashi will join the White Clad clan on their mission. There is some secret that is still hidden from the reach of the fans in the previous episode. Musashi got a tense look on his face when he got to know about the Lord and the mission to save him. There must be something that is still bothering Musashi. However, this danger will trouble Kojiro and the party in the next episode.

Orient Season 2 Episode 11

Quick Recap Of The Previous Episode

The tenth episode of Orient Season 2 started with the attack of Akihiro on the Oni horn. However, he could not be able to make it in one blow. Therefore, he decided to use all the Bushis present there to form the chain. But it was a suicide mission, and Akihiro entered the creature Yamato no Orochi to save his brothers and comrades. Haruhise was about to leave Akihiro. However, Musashi gave him the force maker.

Haruhise then recalled that Akihiro changed after the Sword Trial. He realized that Akihiro cared about him all the time. The Shimazu brothers and Musashi rushed inside the Yamato no Orochi. All of them formed a link and broke the Oni horn. This stopped the nourishment for the Yamato no Orochi. Moreover, the other Bushis broke the secondary horns of the creature, and everyone was safe in the end.

Orient Season 2 Episode 11

Orient Season 2 Episode 11: Release Date

Orient Season 2 Episode 11 will release on September 20, 2022. The next episode will be much more action-packed as the last one was mostly about the emotional connection. The upcoming episodes of the anime will be available to watch on the official site of HIDIVE and Japanese TV networks for the local audience.

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