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No One Has Yet Fully Conquered Sword Art Online – Anomaly Quest Dungeon


Sony Music Solutions announced today that the number of challengers to THE TOKYO MATRIX, a new dungeon experience facility in Shinjuku that opened on April 14, 2023, exceeded 20,000 on May 4.


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THE TOKYO MATRIX is a mission-driven attraction on the fourth floor of Tokyu Kabukicho Tower in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Users cooperate with their friends to defeat monsters, find items, and escape traps in order to clear dungeons.


The dungeon that can currently be challenged is “Sword Art Online – Anomaly Quest”, inspired by the Sword Art Online anime franchise. Its concept is described as: “A new QUEST (mission) in the full-dive VR MMORPG ‘ALfheim Online’ is to defeat Kirito and Asuna. Players form a party to defeat the two and head to the deepest part of the dungeon under the guidance of Yui.”


In three weeks since its opening, many people, including foreign visitors to Japan, have attempted to conquered the dungeon, but no one has completed it fully yet.



English-narrated PV:



Key visual with a tagline: “The Next Quest is Real.”



Theme song “Weaker” lyric video by ReoNa:



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