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New Urusei Yatsura TV Anime Brings More Cast Members Into Its All Star Lineup

Urusei Yatsura


As we get closer and closer to the October 13 premiere of the Urusei Yatsura TV anime, the series has unveiled more all-star voice actors to join in on the new adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi’s legendary manga series, with Kenta Miyake, Takahiro Sakurai and Marina Inoue all hopping on for the ride. Their character’s new anime designs were released alongside Kotatsu Neko, whose voice actor isn’t confirmed at this stage. 


Kenta Miyake (All Might in My Hero Academia) as Onsen Mark

Urusei Yatsura


Takahiro Sakurai (Reigen in Mob Psycho 100) as Tsubame Ozuno

Urusei Yatsura


Marina Inoue (Armin Arlert in Attack on Titan) as Ryoko Mendo

Urusei Yatsura


Kotatsu Neko

Urusei Yatsura





Keijo!!!!!!!! director Hideya Takahashi will be helming the series as director alongside Yasuhiro Kimura (2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team) with character designs by Naoyuki Asano (Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!) and series compositions written by Yuko Kakihara (The aquatope on white sand). The animation will be produced at david production.


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The original multi-award-winning Urusei Yatsura manga series by Rumiko Takahashi ran from September 1978 to February 1987, inspiring a 195-episode TV anime series that was broadcast from October 1981 to March 1986, with director Mamoru Oshii helming the first 106 episodes as well as the first two films. Four more films were produced as well as 12 OVA’s for the series after the TV broadcast ended, with the last OVA being released on December 23, 2008. Viz Media releases the Urusei Yatsura manga in English, describing the first volume as such:


In a high-stakes game of tag, Ataru must touch Lum’s horns in ten days—or aliens will take over the earth! The fact that Lum can fly doesn’t make Ataru’s job any easier. As it turns out, the game of tag is only the beginning of Ataru’s troubles, as he continues to attract strange encounters with otherworldly beings like beautiful snow spirit Oyuki and the sexy crow goblin Princess Kurama!


Urusei Yatsura is scheduled to air on Fuji TV’s Noitamina block starting October 13 over four parts with the first two parts airing consecutively, adapting certain all-star stories from the original manga.


Source: Urusei Yatsura on Twitter


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