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New Pokémon Wiglett Worms Its Way Into Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


Trainers all around the world were teased about a brand new Pokémon that looked like Diglett but with a bit of a long-catifed change. Today, the mammoth franchise confirmed the existence of Wiglett, a water-type variant of the ground-type Pokémon and from the mouth of the devs themselves “it’s really a completely different species of Pokémon!”



Wiglett is classified as the Garden Eel Pokémon, with a Water typing and either the ability Gooey or Rattled. Pokémon described Wiglett as such:


“Boasting an exceptional sense of smell, Wiglett is able to pick up scents from over 60 feet away. It has a skittish disposition and is constantly cautious of its surroundings. When it notices the scent of other Pokémon, Wiglett burrows into the sand to conceal itself.

Wiglett pokes a part of its body out of the sand to feed in the ocean. It’s still unclear what the rest of its body hidden in the sand is like or how long it might be. It’s said that Wiglett’s resemblance to Diglett might be a mere coincidence—a result of its adaptation to its environment.”


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You’ll be able to catch Wiglett in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet when the games release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch around the world on November 18.


Source: Press Release


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