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New Dropkick on My Devil! OVA Funded in 35 Minutes

Dropkick on My Devil!


It was beginning to look like the third season of the Dropkick on My Devil! anime would be its last. But the series’s creators decided to push against the odds, launching a crowdfunding campaign… which met its first funding goal in 35 minutes!


The goal of the Dropkick on My Devil! NEXT project, as announced, is twofold. First, of course, bring the show back—this time as a Blu-ray release. Second, hold a “Jashin-chan Festival” in May 2023, where fans and creators can celebrate the series together.


A crowdfunding campaign was launched on Motion Gallery, a film- and TV-centric crowdfunding platform based in Japan. For every 30 million yen raised, a new OVA episode would be produced. Fans blew through the first goal, with the funds standing at 37.4 million yen at the time of this writing.



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Supporter tiers start at 3,300 yen, which gets you a thank-you email, participation in an online event, and a credit on the series website. Higher tier include increasingly exciting bonuses: online and in-person events and tours, CDs and Blu-rays, an invitation to a staff dinner, the opportunity to do a voice cameo, and (at the much higher tiers) brand new art from the series to which you own the commercial rights. Tiers go as high as 2.2 million yen.


The Dropkick on My Devil! NEXT project currently sports a delivery date of December 2025, with the crowdfunding campaign itself ending on January 13.


Source: Oricon News


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