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Naoko Yamada’s Garden of Remembrance Drops Trailer

Naoko Yamada’s Garden of Remembrance Drops TrailerGarden of Remembrance, the upcoming short anime from director Naoko Yamada (Liz and the Blue Bird), has just revealed a new teaser trailer.

The short film, which is set for release in 2024, is animated over at Science Saru, where Yamada is also working on the full-length film Kimi no Iro (Your Color). That film is also set for 2024.

Garden of Remembrance features character designs by manga-ka Etsuko Mizusawa (Hello, This is Terumi) and music by Lovely Summer-chan. Here’s how the official site describes it:

Beer cans and a whisky glass are placed in an open space on the floor. Though a bit disorganized, ”Your” room is filled with art supplies and an electric guitar lining the perimeter of the room.
The alarm on a phone goes off, and “You” leisurely wake up to start your day.
The anemone flower that “I” liked. A precious flower that holds memories which tie “You” and “I” together. After opening your bedroom closet one day, “You” become engrossed in your memories of “Me.” A story that represents “Me,” “You,” our “Childhood Friend,” and our goodbyes.

Source: ANN