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Nagano Prefecture Hosts Fist of the North Star Collab Camping Event

Fist of the North Star x Arafune Panorama Campfield


Since 2018, manga author Buronson‘s hometown of Saku in Nagano Prefecture has been hosting Fist of the North Star collaboration events. The collabs drum up tourism for the town, as fans flock to sites and experiences inspired by their favorite series. The latest will send you camping at the end of the century, with goods inspired by the manga.


Fist of the North Star: End-of-Century Camp will be taking place at Arafune Panorama Campfield, a campsite on a 1200m-high plateau boasting a beautiful night sky view. As part of the themed package, campers will be able to rent tent pegs, tools, toolkits, and even a tent flap featuring characters and imagery from the series:


Raoh Charapeg

Jagi Toolkit

Tent flap


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Campers will also receive gifts to take home: a camping cup with an image of either Kenshiro or Raoh, and a bag of rice:


Camping cup (Kenshiro)

Camping cup (Raoh)

Rice set


There will also be a photo spot featuring a scene from the manga, so you can look like you’re camping with the cast:


Fist of the North Star camping scene


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Even if you don’t opt for the full package, you’ll be able to buy some of these goods at the campground’s shop.


The event will run from October 1-November 27. Reservations are now available via the campground’s website.


©Buronson, Tetsuo Hara/Comix 1983, Copyright license GX-702


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