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My Clueless First Friend English Dub Reveals Cast & Crew, Release Date

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Named for the Sun and just as bright (in the personality sense), Taiyo Takada will be shining a ray of light into Akane Nishimura’s school life as her very first friend and into our hearts in the English dub of slice-of-life comedy My Clueless First Friend, coming to Crunchyroll on Sunday, April 16!


Here are the main cast and crew for first period:





  • ADR Director: Helena Walstrom
  • Assistant ADR Director: Kevin Thelwell
  • Lead ADR Engineer: Jaman Roberson
  • Assistant ADR Engineer: Paul Cline
  • ADR Script Writer: Macy Anne Johnson
  • Script Supervisor: Katelyn Barr
  • ADR Prep: Christian Thorsen


Key Visual

My Clueless First Friend anime key visual




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Based on the manga by Taku Kawamura, My Clueless First Friend is directed by Shigenori Kageyama (Naruto episode director) at Studio Signpost, with series composition by Shogo Yasukawa (Ayakashi Triangle) and Takafumi Hoshikawa, character designs by Chikashi Kadekaru (Mieruko-chan) and music by Toshio Masuda (MUSHI-SHI).


If you’re a fan of heartwarming slice-of-life anime, don’t miss the first episode of the English dub when it drops on April 16, right here on Crunchyroll!


Fifth grader Nishimura isn’t too proud of her “Grim Reaper” moniker given by her bullying schoolmates, but the new kid loves it. The once lonely target of everyone’s ridicule starts to get out of her shell with the help of her new cheerful yet airheaded friend, Takada. Together they’ll embark on a sweet and touching journey of summer fun and friendship!



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