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Musician Ryota Higashi to Play Violin for Main Character in Blue Orchestra TV Anime

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The upcoming TV anime adaptation of Makoto Akui’s Blue Orchestra drama manga is quite literally putting the music first, announcing today that 23-year-old musician Ryota Higashi will provide the violin-playing for protagonist Hajime Aono — before even announcing the series’ voice cast or other staff members.



It was also revealed that a mini-concert event will take place as a collaboration between the series and the NHK Music Festival on October 23 at Inaribashi Square in Shibuya, where Higashi will perform with the NHK Symphony Orchestra. The first teaser trailer for Blue Orchestra will also be shown at the event.



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As previously reported, the series follows high school student Hajime Aono, who grew up a violin prodigy that won numerous awards and dominated most of the competitions he participated in. Despite this, he gave up on the violin during his second year of middle school.  One day, he meets Ritsuko Akine. Akine inspires him to take up the violin again, deciding to go to a high school with a famous orchestra club. With the help of Akine and his new clubmates, he learns to love the violin again.


Additional details about the anime, such as animation staff and cast, are yet to be announced, though it was revealed that Jun Sakata (Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!) is serving as production supervisor and chief producer. The series is currently scheduled to air in Spring 2023.


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