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Mika Nakashima Drops “Mirage with Shiro SAGISU-Digest Movie-” featuring Berserk Illustrations



Japanese singer Mika Nakashima has posted a three-minute digest movie for “Mirage with Shiro SAGISU,” the coupling song of her 47th single “Wish.” The single’s title song has been featured as the ending theme for Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition, and this clip features precious illustrations from the anime.


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The lyrics of the song were written by Nakashima herself, and the music was composed/arranged by by Shiro Sagisu, a proud Japanese artist who has provided music not only for the Berserk anime, but also for many other hit anime series, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion and Bleach. This is their first collaboration work.


Sagisu said, “The birth of ‘Uta Monogatari’ (Song Story) which is neither J-POP nor anisong! Mika-san has overturned the stereotypes and expressed the beautiful depths of music. Bravo!” And Nakashima commented, “This is my favorite kind of worldview, and when Shiro Sagisu-san gave me this song, I was so moved that I was shaking! The digest video is also beautifully edited, so I hope you enjoy it along with the anime world and ‘Wish.'”



“Mirage with Shiro SAGISU” -digest movie-:



“Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition” ending movie: 



“Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition” special movie featuring “Wish”:



As her 47th single, “Wish” is set to be released in Japan on November 2, 2022. The song’s music video will also be posted at 21:00 (JST) on the same day.



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