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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 102: Investigating Ijin! Release Date & Plot Details

Fans are extremely excited to know what has been happening between the group of assassins and the leaders of the SW group. It was seen in the last outing that Ijin was called by Youngho to be asked about a lot of things that were going around the company. But before he could commence his investigation, he got a call from the company’s director, telling him to stop all this right here. So, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the latest chapter, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 102.

In the next chapter, fans will come to know of all the things that have been going on behind their backs. But Ijin would have the idea of such acts. However, dealing with all this will not be easy nevertheless.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 102

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 102: What Will Happen Next?

As usual, no titles or plot details are out in the public domain. In case of manhwas, such stories rarely make it to the table. So now, the chapter will open with the conversation between Ijin and Youngho. The man will try to make Ijin confess about who the real culprit is. Investigations are going on within the SW group and the grandfather does not want any of this to happen in his company. And so, he called up his grandson to stop all chores then and there.

Now, he will try to get Ijin to speak something about the matter. But the mc is the kind of person who would never utter a single word about the kind of planning that he is doing. Even though he is in good terms with 005, both of them are still loyal to rival groups. Thus, he would try to resolve any incoming conflict there is in the story.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 102

Previous Chapter Recap!

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 101 started with agent 032 discussing the task that they were given about the SW group. The idea was to keep an eye on all the activities of the place so that they can infiltrate the company soon enough. But they also know that SW is looking for an assassin that tried to infiltrate the company in the past. Ijin confirmed that one of his colleagues was a client who must be involved in this.

So now, they receive the message that the target was arriving soon. Mr. Youngho then received a call from his grandfather who was telling him not to cross lines that are not meant to. But Youngho claimed that the SW will fall if he did not take this step. The chapter came to an end with Youngho thinking about how the president got to know this.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 102

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 102: Release Date

There will not be any break in the latest chapters of manhwa. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 102 will release on the weekend without any break. The final release date of the chapter will be September 17, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of manhwa only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. And so, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates on this right here.

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