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Megumi no Daigo Kyuukoku no Orange Heats Up As a 2023 TV Anime

A promotional image indicating that the Megumi no Daigo Kyuukoku no Orange manga is being adapted into a TV anime in 2023. The image features the cover of Volume 06 of the manga with artwork by Masahito Soda and Kuro Tomiyama of a young firefighter decked out in their fireproof gear and air tank.


Megumi no Daigo Kyuukoko no Orange (“Daigo of the Fire Brigade – Orange’s Salvation of the Nation”), a manga by Masahito Soda and Kuro Tomiyama about three young men who strive their hardest to save lives as firefighters, is being adapted into a TV anime that will broadcast in 2023.


In addition to the teaser trailer (below), Masahiko Murata will direct the TV anime adaptation and with Brain’s Base providing animation production. The story of the series follows Daigo Toake, Shun Onoda, and Yuki Nakamura — three young men who aim to be part of “Orange”, an elite rescue team within their firefighting organization.



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A sequel to the 1995-1999 Megumi no Daigo manga, Megumi no Daigo Kyuukoko no Orange is serialized in Kodansha’s Monthly Shōnen Magazine magazine, and six collected volumes have also been released in Japan. VIZ Media publishes an English language version of the original Megumi no Daigo manga under the title Firefighter!: Daigo of Fire Company M, and describes the story as follows:


Fire, smoke, adrenaline, and fear–when everyone is running to escape from a fire, a few courageous people are running to jump right into the thick of it. Firefighters put their own lives on the line to protect others and Daigo Asahina has always dreamed of becoming one. He’s fresh out of the training academy and has been newly assigned to Medaka-Ga-Hama fire station. Cocky and overconfident, Daigo responds to a few calls and is quickly humbled and put in his place–he’s still got a lot to learn before he can call himself a true firefighter.


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