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Me & Roboco Anime Shares Main Character Designs

me & roboco

An adaptation of Shuhei Miyazaki’s My & Roboco manga is on the horizon by way of a short-form anime, with Akitaro Daichi (Kamisama Kiss) at the helm at Studio Gallop. It’s set to premiere on December 4, and now we have a look at five of the main character designs for the series. 

See how (from top to bottom) Roboco, Bondo Taira, Gachi Gorilla, Motsuo Kaneo and Madoka look in the anime:

The Me & Roboco manga has been running in Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2020, and 107 chapters have been published so far. 

Here’s how VIZ Media sums up the manga’s story: 

In a world where most families own a cute maid robot, average elementary kid Bondo hopes for one of his own. But the wacky robot who shows up is anything but average!

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