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Mazinger Z Gets Definitive Soul of Chogokin Model with Lights and Music


Giant robot anime fans know that Soul of Chogokin is where to go for top-of-the-line mecha figures. Named for the fictional alloy in Mazinger Z, these figures replicate every detail in their weighy die cast pieces. But they really look like they’ve outdone themselves this time!


For the 50th anniversary of Mazinger Z, the line is offering a “definitive” version of the title robot. Standing about 30cm tall, Z recreates every detail from the anime. A tiny Koji Kabuto sits in his Hover Pilder atop Z’s head, and you can even remove the outer casing to view the inner machinery.



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This version of the figure also comes with a display base shaped like Z’s hangar, the Jet Scrander and Iron Cutters:



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The biggest addition, though, is the control panel. With this, you can light up Z’s Breast Fire weapon and play several attack sounds. Plus, four songs from the series by the late great Ichiro Mizuki are included: 




The DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z 50th Anniversary Ver. is now on sale for 84,700 yen.


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