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Makoto Shinkai’s The Garden of Words Heads to the Stage This Fall

the garden of words

It’s been a full 10 years since director Makoto Shinkai released The Garden of Words anime film, preceding smash hits like Your Name., Weathering With You and Suzume. Now, with the anniversary on the minds of fans, a stage play adaptation is on the way to both Japan and London.

Alexandra Rutter of Whole Hog Theatre, known for the first stage adaptation of Princess Mononoke, is running the show in both locations, with local cast performances to start in London from August through September. Tokyo performances—featuring Kurumu Okamiya as Takao Akizuki and Mitsuki Tanimura as Yukari Yukino—will follow this November.

Synopsis from the anime film’s home video release:

Some people revel and play in the rain; others dread it and hide at the first drop. For high school student Takao, a summer shower is a source of artistic inspiration… but when he skips school in order to sketch in a rainy garden, Takao finds an even greater muse in Yukino, an older woman who seems adrift in the world.

Despite the difference in their ages and lives, they strike up a comfortable relationship that slowly evolves as they randomly meet in the same garden whenever it rains. But with the rainy season coming to a close, Takao wonders if there’s enough time left to put his feelings into actions and words. What will happen between a young man and a woman when the rain falls once again?

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