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Makoto Shinkai Responds to Arrest of His Long-Time Producer

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Anime producer Kouichirou Itou, whose credits include your name., Weathering With You and Suzume, was recently arrested after being accused of trying to get a 15-year-old girl to give him nude photos. Director Makoto Shinkai, who has worked with Itou for years, put out a statement that didn’t outright mention Itou, but almost certainly refers to him. Shinkai wanted to share his sympathies and apologize for any anxiety this might have caused.

I was shocked to see the news about the arrest of a person involved in the production of my movies. First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to the victims. Also, I am truly sorry for causing anxiety to everyone who loves and supports my work.
I personally believe the value of the work will not be harmed by the recent incident, but I think it is natural for it to be viewed with disbelief. That is very frustrating and sad.

Almost four million people have seen the tweet since Shinkai posted it.

Police were investigating prostitution when they inadvertently discovered Itou’s alleged crime. Itou has been accused of giving an underage girl 12,500 yen (approximately $83) for nude photos. Furthermore, it’s reported that he was aware she was a minor when it happened.

This all reportedly happened in 2021. Police are checking out videos and pictures on Itou’s computer as well, to see what they might find. As of now, the report did not mention them finding anything illegal on his computer.

Questioned by police, Itou confessed to the act, though apparently he didn’t remember the girl involved. He remarked he has “done it with other people, so [I couldn’t] tell if it was this girl or not.”

Not surprisingly given Itou’s answers, police are looking into the possibility of other victims.

Source: ANN


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