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Macross Frontier Sheryl Singer May’n Joins D4DJ’s New Unit “Abyssmare”



Anisong singer May’n, best known as the singing voice of Sheryl Nome in the Macross Frontier anime franchise, will serve as the music producer and main vocalist for the new unit “Abyssmare” in the smartphone rhythm game D4DJ Groovy Mix. The news was revealed in the live-streaming program for the game’s second anniversary last night. 


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Abyssmare introduction PV:



The unit’s official introduction:


Their catchphrase is “The solitary abyss that lays waste to everything.” A black ship unit from overseas suddenly bursts into the Japanese DJ world. Behind them is the shadow of Sho Mitsuhashi, a member of the legendary DJ unit “L.M.O.” … Neo’s overwhelming singing ability, Sophia’s DJ sense to accurately read the floor’s voltage, Elsie’s cute voice and facial expressions captivate the floor, and Veronica’s hard dance moves fascinate. Their drastic and stoic performance, with no interest in anything other than being “the best in the world,” will have a great impact on Japanese DJ units. 





  • Neo – center vocal: May’n (the singing voice of Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier)
  • Sophia – DJ: Yuuka Aisaka (Narita Brian in Umamusume Pretty Derby)
  • Elsie: Sumi Tomomi Jiena (Rina in Kemurikusa)
  • Veronica: Misuzu Yamada (Koshi Nagumo in Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory







Message from May’n:


I am excited to be asked to produce the unit and be the main vocalist, as it is a new challenge for me. The sound is quite rough and different from May’n’s musical style, but just as in my usual activities, I am producing the music with the same attention to detail, from the vocal editing to the mix. We are very proud of the setting of the strongest black ship unit. We are going to produce the unit in a very sadistic way to live up to our setting as the strongest black ship unit, so D4DJ fans, please look forward to it!






Source: Bushiraod press release


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