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Love Live! Superstar!! Kanon VA Sayuri Date’s 1st Photo Book Gets Reprints before Release



The official Twitter for voice actress Sayuri Date, best known as Kanon Shibuya in Love Live! Superstar!!, has confirmed that her first photo collection book “Ashiato” (Footsteps) had already been decided to be reprinted prior to its September 28 release.


Photos in the 112-page book were shot in Ishigaki Island in Okinawa and her hometown, Miyagi. The price is 3,300 yen (22.8 USD). The publisher KADOKAWA introduces it as: “This book captures the sparkling moments of a 19-year-old and the slightly more mature look of Sayuri Date, who is turning 20 two days after the book’s release.”


She also writes on her official Twitter today, “Sayuri Date’s 1st Photo Book ‘Ashiato’ is released today, September 28! This is a photo book I made with you all. Thank you so much! My life-size figure, my figure of a 19-year-old desperately reaching out to 20-year-old…! Please take a look at the details.”








Behind-the-Scenes clip:



Sample photos:





Sources: Sayuri Date official Twitter, KADOKAWA