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Love Live! Sunshine!! Kanan VA Nanaka Suwa Releases Her 2nd Photo Book “Suwa Wonderland”



Japanese publisher Shufunotomosha released popular voice actress Nanaka Suwa‘s (Kanan Matsuura in Love Live! Sunshine!!, Yui in BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense.) second photo collection book “Suwa Wonderland ~Happily ever after~” in Japan on September 28. The price for the 96-page book is 3,520 yen (24.32 USD).


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The book contains photos from the 27 chapters of “Suwa Wonderland,” a series of articles serialized in the Seiyu Grand Prix magazine’s May 2020 to July 2022 issues, as well as many unpublished and newly-shot photos. In the serialization, she played a variety of roles, including waitress, high school girl, animal, wizard, spy, kendo club member, and teacher.


The themes of the newly-shot photos are “Anne of Green Gables” in a straw hat and braided pigtails, “Mermaid” in a scaly skirt and an undersea worldview, “Doll” with a dainty lace headset, and “Vacation” that captures herself without any role. 






Sample photos:






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Source: Shufunotomosha press release