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Last Period Mobile Game Ends Service in December 2022

Last Period ~The Story of an Endless Spiral~


Anime fans may remember Last Period as a gag anime poking fun at mobile game tropes and tendencies. But behind the anime was a real mobile game—Last Period ~Story of an Endless Spiral~. And, sadly for fans of the game, it will be ending service at the end of the year.


The title hails from Happy Elements, the team behind the Ensemble Stars! idol raising game, and has been in service since 2016. Fortunately for players invested in the game’s story, one final chapter will be released to close out the plot. Check out this massive trailer for what’s to come before the end:



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Starting next month, there will be limited-time events, treasure hunts, and guild raids leading up to the end of service. The game’s final story chapter will be released in two parts starting in late November.


The game will end service on December 27, 2022. But, fortunately for fans who want to preserve their favorite Last Period memories, a memorial app will be launching around the same time. The app will allow you to browse the game’s story and picture book at your leisure.




Watch Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair on Crunchyroll!




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