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Kingdom 3 Live-Action Film’s New Trailer Introduces Zhao’s Three Generals


The official website for the forthcoming third live-action film adaptation of Yasuhisa Hara’s historical adventure manga Kingdom, entitled Kingdom: Unmei no Honoo (The Flame of Fate), has released a 90-second new trailer introducing the three generals of Zhao, played by Yuuki Yamada, Ainosuke Kataoka, and Koji Yamamoto, for the first time. The three are the powerful enemies awaiting the protagonist Li Xin, who was given the Hi Shin unit with 100 warriors by Wang Qi.


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90-second trailer:


30-second trailer:


(from left)

Ainosuke Kataoka as Feng Ji / Koiji Yamamoto as Zhao Zhuang / Yuuki Yamada: as Wan Ji 


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Kingdom, the first film directed by Shinsuke Sato (GANTZ, Bleach live-action films), was released in Japan on April 19, 2019, earning 5.73 billion yen (42.26 million USD) from its total domestic run. Then Kingdom 2 Harukanaru Daichi e (To the Land of Faraway), the second film followed on July 15, 2022, earning 5.12 billion yen (37.76 million USD). Both films became the top-grossing Japanese film of the year, and the combined box office gross of the two films exceeded 10 billion yen (73.75 million USD).


The third film, Kingdom: Unmei no Honoo, is set to release in Japan on July 28, 2023. Its story centers on the “Battle of Bayou” arc, where the protagonist Li Xin and Wang Qi stand on the same battlefield for the first time to fight off an invasion by Zhao, as well as the “Escape from Zhao” arc, which tells Ying Zheng’s unknown past. All of the seven main cast members from the first two films — Kento Yamazaki (Li Xin), Ryo Yoshizawa (Ying Zheng), Kanna Hashimoto (He Liao Diao), Nana Seino (Qiang Lei), Hiroshi Tamaki (Changwen Jun), Koichi Sato (Lü Buwei), and Takao Osawa (Wang Qi ) — return. 


New key visual:


Source: “Kingdom” live-action film official website / Twitter


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