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Kensho Ono plays the role of Christopher / Anthony, who holds the key to the “Shadow House” story

An additional cast of the TV anime Shadows House “2nd Season ” based on Somato ‘s original work has been announced. Kensho Ono plays the role of Christopher / Anthony .

The “Shadow House 2nd Season” currently being broadcast is a story about the faceless “Shadow Clan” who lives in a Western-style building and the “living dolls” who live together as their caretakers.

Christopher, played by Ono, is a shadow that used to be a “star”, and Anthony, who is a longing for children, is the “living doll”. He will be a key character in the future story.

Ono said, “I read the original, but it’s just fun! It’s a strange feeling that seems to be gorgeous … I couldn’t stop wanting to know more, so I read it all at once.

I can see the expression of the shadow from the voice. I’m looking forward to the expression that comes from now on. “

Source: Natalie comic