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Kamen Rider BLACK SUN Unveils Special Visuals to Commemorate Its Worldwide Streaming Debut



Kamen Rider BLACK SUN, a 10-episode reboot of the eighth Kamen Rider TV series in 1987-1988, Kamen Rider BLACK, finally starts streaming worldwide exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in over 200 countries and territories on October 28 at 00:00 (JST).


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To commemorate the worldwide debut, the series’ official website has posted two special visuals featuring its two protagonists – Kotaro Minami played by Hidetoshi Nishijima (Drive My Car, Shin Ultraman) and Nobuhiko Akizuki by Tomoya Nakamura (Haken Anime!). Under the theme of “transformation,” the visual features Kotaro and Kamen Rider BLACK SUN, and Nobuhiko and Kamen Rider SHADOWMOON, stylishly depicting their dynamic movements.   



Kotaro Minami & Kamen Rider BLACK SUN:



Nobuhiko Akizuki & Kamen Rider SHADOWMOON:





In addition, the theme song “Did you see the sunrise?” by Japanese male singer CHOGAKUSEI is now available digitally. It is his major debut song from Pony Canyon.





CHOGAKUSEI artist photo:



“Kamen Rider BLACK SUN” trailer:



Source: “Kamen Rider BLACK SUN” official website / Twitter


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