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K-ON!’s Iconic School Gets Shrunk Down Into 1,120 Piece Model

The Former Toyosato Elementary School in K-ON!


Choosing Toyosato’s Former Elementary School as the main location for K-ON! not only gave the series a location that has its own character and charm but also brought worldwide recognition to the town. While the school is now a visitable museum, you can bring the school to your home with the newly announced scale model – and maybe add your own K-ON! figure in it to make it come alive!


Former Toyosato Elementary School scale model

The model of the school


Former Toyosato Elementary School

The school in real life in 2019 (Photo: Daryl Harding)


The scale model comes directly from the Shiga Prefecture Toyosato Town Tourism Association, which partnered with Tokyo-based toy maker Kawada to create a 1,120-piece model of the classic building that was originally designed by architect William Merrell Vories in 1908. When put together, the model is 28 cm long, 4 cm high and 8 cm wide, with each piece being around 3 mm thick. Maybe Ui should put it together rather than Yui.


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Toyosato’s Former Elementary School model is available now for 3,300 yen (US$22) through the tourism organization as well as through the Furusato Nozei system, which lets you claim the amount back on tax as a donation to the city if you live in Japan that is!


Source: Kyoto Shimbun


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