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Junichi Suwabe Joins the Cast of Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God Anime


Some quick news for fans of Egyptian mythology and cuteness: a new cast member has been revealed for Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God (known as To-totsuni Egypt-shin in Japan), an ongoing web anime series based on the mascot characters created by yuka that take the shape of Thoth, Anubis, and other ancient deities.


In the series, voice actor Junichi Suwabe (Dandy in Space Dandy, Shang Bu Huan in Thunderbolt Fantasy) plays the role of Sobek. Sobek previously appeared in the first season of the series, but had no spoken lines.


A ney key visual for the upcoming second season of the Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God web anime, featuring the entire cast of adorable Egyptian deities frolicking merrily.


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Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God is directed by Katsuya Kikuchi and features animation production by Typhoon Graphics. Crunchyroll currently streams the first season of Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God and describes the story of the series as follows:


Welcome to the world of the Egyptian gods. This is where the famous gods of Ancient Egypt, from Anubis to Thoth, live their lives freely. How freely, you ask? Bastet appears out of nowhere, singing and dancing. Medjed is always stone-faced. Horus works a part-time job. Set is devoted to pulling pranks. Ra’s off traveling and rarely comes home… All the Gods basically just do whatever they want!


Source: Comic Natalie


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