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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Kicks off Sweet Collab with Godiva Chocolate

Godiva x JoJo


The anime adaptation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and chocolatier Godiva are both celebrating anniversaries this year. To make both occasions extra sweet, they’re teaming up to launch a limited run of Joestar chocolates!


The collaboration will feature 12 specially made chocolates inspired by members of the Joestar line and imagery from the series:


Phantom Blood: 

Stone Mask: White chocolate

Jonathan Joestar: Dark chocolate with dark chocolate filling


Battle Tendency:

Red Stone of Aja: White chocolate

Joseph Joestar: Dark chocolate with cherry filling


Stardust Crusaders:

Hand Mark: White chocolate (blood orange flavor)

Jotaro Kujo: Dark chocolate with coffee filling


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Diamond Is Unbreakable:

Anchor: White chocolate (lemon flavored)

Josuke Higashikata: Milk chocolate with custard filling


Golden Wind:

Ladybug: White chocolate

Giorno Giovanna: White chocolate with caramel filling


Stone Ocean:

Butterfly: White chocolate (purple sweet potato flavored)

Jolyne Cujoh: Milk chocolat with milk chocolate filling


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Chocolates are available in a six-piece box with the filled character varieties, or a 12-piece box with all 12 varieties. Special solid chocolate variants of the character portrait varieties will be available at select convenience stores.



The Godiva x JoJo collaboration chocolates will be sold at Godiva shops and cafés across Japan.


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Source: Comic Natalie


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