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Japanese Rock Band FIVE NEW OLD Drops Winter 2023 TV Anime HIGH CARD Opening Theme MV



Four-member Japanese rock band FIVE NEW OLD has posted a full music video for their new song “Trickster” on their official YouTube channel. This bouncy rock tune will be featured as the opening theme for the TV anime HIGH CARD, which will start in January 2023.


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The band was formed in 2010 and made their major debut from TOY’S FACTORY in 2017. Their first anime theme song work “Trickster” is included in their latest fifth album “Departure: My New Me” released in Japan on September 21.



Message from HIROSHI (Vocal/Guitar):


When I heard that “HIGH CARD” was a work that was created from scratch based on the original story, we strongly felt that by writing the OP theme song, we would be a part of creating the world view of this work. This is a song that I wrote with the image of a thrilling development in which you never know what will come, just like turning over a deck of cards. I wrote the song while thinking that I would surprise the production staff, who had worked with so much enthusiasm and love, by betraying them in a good way (laughs). This is FIVE NEW OLD’s first anime collaboration, so we are excited to see how the visuals and music will blend together. Please look forward to seeing Finn, who was a nobody, move the story forward in as big way like “Trickster”.



“Trickster” MV:



TV anime “HIGH CARD” 1st PV featuring the opening theme:



“Departure: My New Me” CD jacket:



FIVE NEW OLD artist photo:



TV anime “HIGH CARD” key visual:



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