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Japan Box Office: Delicious Party Pretty Cure Film Ranks 6th in Its 3rd Weekend



Eiga Delicious Party Pretty Cure: Yumemiru Okosama Lunch! (Delicious Party Pretty Cure the Movie: Dreamy Children’s Lunch!), the 31st feature film in Toei Animation’s long-running magical girl anime franchise, ranked sixth in its third weekend, bringing its total to an estimated 650 million yen (4.45 million USD).


The number has already surpassed the total domestic gross of the franchise’s previous 30th feature film Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure the Movie: The Snow Princess and the Miraculous Ring!, which was released in October 2021 and earned 590 million yen (4.04 million USD). If the momentum continues, this film will be the most successful Precure movie since the COVID-19 pandemic began.



Meanwhile, the same Toei Animation’s One Piece Film Red has stayed on No.1 on the Japanese box office for ten consecutive weekend. Even in its 10th weekend, the film earned 230 million yen (1.57 million USD) on 167,000 admissions. Its total domestic gross in Japan has reached 16.776 billion yen (114.7 million USD) on 12.08 million admissions.


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In its sixth weekend, Uta no Prince-sama The Movie: Maji LOVE ST☆RISH TOURS, the second concert film from the Uta no Prince-sama anime franchise, ranked eighth, three positions down from the last weekend’s fifth. The film surpassed the one billion yen mark after 33 days of its release, now its cumulative total domestic gross is 1.12 billion yen (7.66 million USD).


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To Me, The One Who Loved You and To Every You I’ve Loved Before, both of which were based on Yomoji Otono’s sci-fi romance novels, were released in 243 Japanese theaters simultaneously on October 7, 2022. The former made its ninth place debut, while the latter made its tenth.


To Me, The One Who Loved You also ranked fifth in Filmarks’ first day satisfaction ranking with an average rating of 3.55/5.0 based on 295 reviews, while To Every You I’ve Loved Before followed in sixth with 3.54/5.0 on 278 reviews. Based on these numbers, both films have been almost equally received among Japanese audience.





Weekend box office Top 10 in Japan (October 8-9, 2022)

(ticket sales basis)


 1 (1). “One Piece Film Red” – 16.77 billion yen

 2 (new). “The Divine Protector―Master Salt Begins” – 240 million yen

 3 (2). “Chinmoku no Parade” – 2.38 billion yen

 4 (new). “Seven Secretaries: The Movie” – 239 million yen

 5 (new). “The Bad Guys” – 76 million yen

 6 (3). “Delicious Party Pretty Cure the Movie: Dreamy Children’s Lunch!” – 650 million yen

 7 (4). “Sore ga Iru Mori” – 340 million yen

 8 (5). “Uta no Prince-sama The Movie: Maji LOVE ST☆RISH TOURS” – 1.12 billion yen

 9 (new). “To Me, The One Who Loved You” – 40 million yen

 10 (new): “To Every You I’ve Loved Before” – 40 million yen



“To Me, The One Who Loved You” trailer:



“To Every You I’ve Loved Before” trailer:



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