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Jack Jeanne Game Delivers Theatrics from Tokyo Ghoul Creator Sui Ishida

jack jeanneFeatured Spotlight: Aksys Games

Jack Jeanne is a unique theatrical visual novel that’s on the way to Nintendo Switch this summer, and one of the key minds behind it is none other than Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida. We’ll all be able to check out the results for ourselves soon, and Jack Jeanne is now available to order in both standard and limited edition versions from Aksys Games. 

Just as Kisa is about to give up her aspirations of becoming an actor, she is given an opportunity she’s always dreamed of: Enrolling at the prestigious all boys Univeil Drama School. There are two rigid stipulations, however. Not only must she be chosen as the lead in the final performance, she also has to hide her identity as a girl in the process. To succeed Kisa must forge powerful bonds with her all-male classmates while trying to best them at the same time. 

How you choose to guide Kisa on her acting journey is totally up to you, and every choice you make along the way will open up countless possibilities for unique playthroughs every time. Rhythm game portions allow you to show off your singing and dancing performances, with everything eventually coming together for an unforgettable final performance. 

From the character designs to the story, music and beyond, you won’t find anything else quite like Jack Jeanne. You’ll be able to enter Kisa’s exciting, dramatic world on Nintendo Switch starting on June 15, and you can secure your copy in both standard edition form and multiple limited edition options by visiting the Aksys Games store today. 

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