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INTERVIEW: Meet the ADR Director Behind Fruits Basket!



English dubs have been an integral part of the way we watch anime since Astro Boy in the ’60s, and today we’re talking to one of the people who helps bring those dubs to life! An ADR (automated dialog replacement) director is responsible for overseeing the entire process for English dubs and works closely with actors, script writers, and audio engineers to make sure the end product is the best it can possibly be! We had the opportunity to chat with legendary ADR Director Caitlin Glass (director of Fruits Basket, Horimiya, Ouran High School Host Club, and many many more) about her career, how she got started in the industry, and some of her favorite anime in and outside of the booth! 




Crunchyroll: What is your name, and how long have you been an ADR Director?


Caitlin Glass: Hi, I’m Caitlin Glass and I first started ADR Directing for the company in 2005.

How did you get your start in anime, and what has brought you here now?


Glass: I started as a voice actor, doing small bit parts for a few months until landing the lead in a show called Spiral. Shortly after that came Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist, in late 2004. I took an interest in directing and started training in 2005, and then directed some episodes of Case Closed and One Piece before being given a whole show of my own, Suzuka.

In terms of voice acting yourself, what roles have you played?


Glass: I’m most known for Winry in FMA, Haruhi in Ouran High School Host Club, Mina Ashido in My Hero Academia, and Vivi in One Piece.

What are your all-time favorite anime titles?


Glass: Oh gosh, ever? Well, there are the untouchable, god-tier titles, like Sailor Moon and Cowboy Bebop, of course! But my favorite anime is a sweet coming-of-age, slice-of-life show called Honey and Clover. The animation and music are beautiful, and the story of artists finding their way in life, navigating love and loss, is something I can really relate to. I find myself coming back to it every few years and taking something new away from it each time. I also love the films from Studio Ghibli, Ponyo being my favorite. 

Out of everything you’ve accomplished with Crunchyroll (and Funimation before that), what are you most proud of?


Glass: I really fall in love with everything I’m given to direct, but closest to my heart would have to be Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket (2019). I very recently directed Ranking of Kings, and that one has made its way onto my favorites list as well! I also feel very strongly that anime dubs should sound like the people who watch them, and I strive to make the shows I direct as inclusive and representative as possible!

What do you love most about the anime fandom?


Glass: I love that in anime, there is something for everyone. Because of that, the fandom is diverse, in every sense of the word, and fans are united in their passion for the shows and characters they love. I love their energy and excitement. I love that the fandom provides a community , a place to belong, for so many people.

Can you share a fun/meaningful memory from your career?


Glass: After working in the industry for almost two decades, I never thought I would get to regularly interact with a story’s creator. But, as luck would have it, while directing Radiant, I reached out to Tony Valente, the author of the manga, and was able to collaborate with him quite often. He was a wonderful resource, and we were fortunate to get to do a cast interview with him as well, when we wrapped season two.

How can fans support your art or follow you online?


Glass: Come check out what I’m up to on Instagram and Twitter, @caitlinsvoice!