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Inori Minase Joins Spy Classroom Anime as Lamplight’s Eighth Member, Erna



The official website for the winter 2023 TV anime Spy Classroom has announced that Inori Minase (Rem in Re:ZERO − Starting Life in Another World) is cast as Erna, the hidden eighth member of the spy team Lamplight.


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The character is introduced as: “Blonde hair. She is a beautiful doll-like girl with a young appearance. She is shy and the youngest in the team, so she is like a pretty little sister to everyone. Her habit is to say ‘…no’ at the end of words. She used to be the daughter of a wealthy family, but she had the misfortune of losing her parents in a fire at their mansion, and she unwillingly became a spy. She is a smart girl and her grades are not bad, but for one reason or another, she was unfairly treated as a dropout.”


“Finally…FINALLY…I could say it, Erna is joining! I’ve been itching to say this until today!” Minase said. “Although Erna is so negative with an unfortunate disposition, she is a very kind and companionable girl at heart. Please uncover her true voice and thoughts with your eyes and ears. Ganbaruno…! (I’ll do my best…!)”





After the broadcast of the third episode in Japan, new version visuals including Erna are also posted:





The TV anime adaption of Takemachi’ light novel series Spy Classroom premiered in Japan on January 5, 2023 and has been streamed on HIDIVE.  





Source: “Spy Classroom” anime official website / Twitter


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