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In/Spectre Season 2 Anime Dresses up for Taisho-Themed Goods


Kotoko, Kuro and Yuki-Onna are decked out in their Taisho Modern best for a new line of In/Spectre goods!


The second season introduces our heroes to the lovely snow-woman during their new case. Together, the trio sport thoroughly modern attire unique to this line of goods, and seen nowhere in the TV anime.


The goods, available through Tokyo Otaku Mode, include pins, acrylic stands, acrylic stand coasters, clear files, tapestries and a calendar:



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As a bonus, a paper coaster will be included for every 2,200 yen worth of merch purchased—with 6,600 yen netting you the full set of three:



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Tokyo Otaku Mode’s In/Spectre collection is now available for purchase.


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