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Idol Anime SHINEPOST Plans to Hold Real Concert at Nakano Sunplaza in March 2023



Soon after the broadcast of the TV anime‘s final 12th episode in Japan on Tuesday, it was officially announced that the Idol-themed mixed-media franchise SHINEPOST will hold a real live concert event at Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo on March 11, 2023. The venue was the place where the franchise’s main unit TINGS held their live concert in the anime’s final episode.



Video announcement by TINGS members:



Nakano Sun Plaza is scheduled to be reconstructed next year, so this will be the first and last concert for TINGS at the venue. In addition to them, their rival unit in the story, HY:RAIN, and Ayaka Ohashi as the “absolute idol” Hotaru, will also join.


The serial number for the concert tickets is enclosed in the theme song CD single “Wonder Starter / Palette Girls,” and in the album “SHINEPOST Character Song Collection” to be released on October 26. The fastest ticket lottery pre-order will be accepted from October 26 at noon (JST).






“Wonder Starter” MV:



“Wonder Starter / Palette Girls” CD jacket:



“SHINEPOST Character Song Collection” CD jacket:



“SHINEPOST” official trailer



Key visual:



Source: “SHINEPOST” official YouTube channel


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