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Hunter x Hunter Prepares to Release First Manga Volume Since 2018

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It’s been four years since we’ve seen movement from Hunter x HunterYoshihiro Togashi‘s beloved shonen manga. While there’s still no news of the artist coming off his hiatus, there is something to look forward to: Volume 37 of the manga is going into print this autumn!


Volume 36 was released in Japan in October 2018, and in English by Viz in August 2019:


Hunter x Hunter Volume 36 (English edition)


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The news came today, via the official Shonen Jump Twitter account, that Volume 37 (containing Chapters 381-390) would be released in Japan on November 4:





Response to the tweet has been overall positive and excited, with fans looking forward to the new volume to add to their collection.


Last month, Togashi gave a very frank update on his health, discussing the impact his back problems have had on both his career and his life overall. Work has apparently continued on backgrounds for an upcoming Hunter x Hunter chapter, but there is still no solid news one way or the other about the manga returning to the syndicated page.


There are no announcements yet about a release date for the upcoming volume’s English translation; for now, you can read all 36 previously published volumes through Viz, who localize the manga in both print and digital formats.


Source: Weekly Shonen Jump Official Twitter


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