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Helck Anime Shares Main Promotional Video Revealing Debut

The anime adaptation of the Helck manga will debut on July 11, and its main promotional video has dropped. In it you can hear part of the opening theme song “It’s My Soul” being performed by Hiroki Nanami. You don’t hear it in this trailer, but the ending theme will be called “Statice” and performed by saji.

The anime will receive a simultaneous streaming release in North America thanks to HIDIVE, and it’s being released in two cours.

Helck is being made at Satelight, with Tatsuo Satō of Lagrange – The Flower of Rin-ne helming the project as the director. The music is composed by Yoshihisa Hirano of Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, Hunter x Hunter and more.

Quite a few members of the cast have been revealed (though official English spellings of their characters may change): Katsuyuki Konishi plays Helck, Mikako Komatsu plays Vermilio, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka plays Azudora, Akira Ishida plays Hon, Shiki Aoki plays Asuta, Haruka Shiraishi plays Isuta, Hiroyuki Yoshino plays Kenros, Rena Maeda plays Hyura, Takuya Nakashima plays Dorūshi, Sora Tokui plays Rococo, Shiori Izawa plays Piwi, Motoharu Ono plays Cless, Reina Kondo plays Alicia, Atsushi Miyauchi plays Rafaed, Daisuke Hirakawa plays Mikaros, Yumiri Hanamori plays Sharuami, Hiroki Nanami plays Edil, Shūta Morishima plays Zeldion, Satoshi Niwa plays Haraol, and Aimi plays Iris.

The original manga by Nanaki Nanao is published in America by VIZ Media, which gave this description for the first volume’s plot:

“Three months have passed since the Demon Lord was struck down, and the Demon Realm is holding a tournament to select his replacement. The leading contestant is Helck, a human hero who claims to hate his own kind. Some aren’t happy with the idea of a human becoming the next Demon Lord—especially Vermilio the Red. She wants nothing more than to protect demonkind and prove Helck to be their enemy, even if she has to rig the competition to do it!”

Source: ANN


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