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Haruhi Suzumiya Introduces Grand Prize Winner of Sneaker Taisho Novel Award in PV



Sneaker Taisho, Japan’s open competition for light novels sponsored by Kadokawa Shoten, has selected Hiyoko Sumeragi’s By My Flame The World Bows Down: ep.1 The Devil’s Castle, Burning as its first Grand Prize winner in 12 years. The last winner was Gangudo’s Narutama ~Arui wa Gakuen Puzzle in 2010, which was later published under the new title, Kohitsuji wa Mayowanai.


To commemorate the announcement, a special PV for the novel introduced by Haruhi Suzumiya (CV: Aya Hirano) is now streamed on YouTube. Nagaru Tanigawa’s The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the first volume of his Haruhi Suzumiya novel series, won the award’s Grand Prize back in 2003.





By My Flame The World Bows Down: ep.1 The Devil’s Castle, Burning featuring illustrations by Mika Pikazo and background painting by mocha is set to be released in Japan on December 1. Pre-orders are now accepted at Amazon Japan and other online bookstores. 


The publisher describes its synopsis as below:


Homura, who has had a desire, “If there is a chance, I want to burn something,” is invited to a different world. A group of equally weird high school girls are gathered there, and it seems that they are asked to “save this world” with their special talents. The Demon King is back after 100 years, and the villains are spreading in the chaos. The fate of the world is in the hands of these girls, who are determined to correct a world in turmoil. “Are you an evil person? If so, I can burn you without any worries!” Burning is the righteousness! Incineration is ecstasy! What will happen to Homura, a pathetic bishoujo girl who will conquer the world with her overwhelming firepower?






Source: KADOKAWA press release