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Go! Go! Loser Ranger! Anime Shares Voice Cast for Cadet Rangers

go! go! loser ranger!

This time last week we were gazing at four more cast members for the Go! Go! Loser Ranger! anime, but the folks behind it aren’t done yet. After meeting some of the lower-ranked Divine Dragon Rangers members, a new preview is here to introduce five cast members who will be voicing cadet rangers hoping to get into the main squad.

Here they are along with their respective designs:

Yuki Ono voices Kai Shion:

Seiichiro Yamashita voices Eigen Urabe:

Akari Kito voices Angelica Yukino:

Daiki Hamano voices Sojiro Ishikawa:

Tomoyo Kurosawa voices Renren Akebayashi:

The anime, which is scheduled to come out sometime in 2024, is directed by Keiichi Satō, known for Tiger & Bunny. The person in charge of series composition is Keiichirō Ōchi, whose credits include The Quintessential Quintuplets and The Demon Girl Next Door. The animation is being produced by Yostar Pictures, a company known for working on such titles as Arknights: Prelude to Dawn and Azur Lane Queen’s Orders. Director Satō became Yostar Pictures’ creative director in 2021.

The Go! Go! Loser Ranger manga is published in America by Kodansha USA Publishing. Kodansha gave this description for the plot:

When the Monster Army invaded Earth thirteen years ago, the Divine Dragon Rangers rose up to stop them! With the war raging on, these great heroes are mankind’s last hope!

…or are they?

In truth, the invaders were subjugated within a year, forced to continue to crank out a monster a week for the Rangers to crush in front of their adoring fans! But one monster has had enough. Something has to change! He’ll rebel against the might of the Dragon Rangers and destroy them all…from the inside!

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