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Girls Shoot for the Stars in Hoshikuzu Telepath TV Anime Teaser Trailer

Umika Konohoshi is comforted by her friends in a scene from the upcoming Hoshikuzu Telepath TV anime.


Making new friends isn’t such an alien concept after all, as the official channels for the upcoming Hoshikuzu Telepath TV anime — based on the four-panel comic by Rasuko Okuma — released a new teaser trailer today. The series is scheduled to begin broadcasting in Japan in October 2023.



Additionally, two new cast members were revealed for the series, including:


Haruno Takaragi voiced by Moe Nagamuta

A promotional image featuring voice actor Moe Nagamuta and the character she plays - Haruno Takaragi - in the upcoming Hoshikuzu Telepath TV anime.


Matataki Raimon voiced by Shiki Aoki

A promotional image featuring voice actor Shiki Aoki and the character she plays - Matataki Raimon - from the upcoming Hoshikuzu Telepath TV anime.


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The original Hoshikuzu Telepath manga began in May 2019 in Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara seinen manga magazine, with three volumes released in Japan so far. Kaori (The Quintessential Quintuplets II) will direct the Hoshikuzu Telepath TV anime and features animation production by Studio Gokumi and Takahiro Sakai (YUKI YUNA IS A HERO) providing character designs and acting as chief animation director. Yurie Funato (Kuracchi in Mazica Party) is set to play Umika Konohoshi, with Seria Fukagawa (Toko Fukami in GLASSLIP) as Yu Akeuchi.


The publisher’s official web page for the manga describes the first volume: 


A shy girl, Umika’s problem is that she cannot speak well because of her excessive stage fright. She has gradually given up trying to make friends. Then one day, a transfer student named Yu appears. She is an alien and has the ability of “Odekopathy,” which allows her to understand the feelings of others when her forehead is attached to other’s…!? A dazzling coming-of-age story of “yuri” and “space” by up-and-coming author Rusuko Okuma.


Source: Comic Natalie


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