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Ghibli Park Announces Some Changes for Next Year

The grand opening of Ghibli Park is now less than a week away! The park, which will continue to expand, will throw open its doors on November 1. Tickets went on sale in August, but with as much interest as people have in the park (both in Japan and abroad) Ghibli Park put in a lottery system to decide who gets to come.

The lottery system is sometimes used in Japan where there is high demand for a product. However, the lottery will only last so long for Ghibli Park. Next year, in February, the lottery system will be done away with and instead there will be a first come, first served basis for tickets. According to the park, ticket sales have become more stable, and that’s why they are willing to switch.

Tourism has not been big in Japan since COVID, but it was also announced that foreign visitors will be able to get Ghibli Park tickets starting in mid-January 2023.

Another change for Ghibli Park was also announced. It was originally the park’s plan to have people get a ticket to enter the Hill of Youth, even if they already bought another ticket for the park. Apparently quite a few people have been complaining about this, especially people who are traveling — or who will have to travel — long distances. If they’re traveling across the country or across the globe, they want to be able to see more than one part of Ghibli Park in a day.

As a result, beginning this February, if you buy a ticket for Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse, you will also be able to get into the smaller Hill of Youth area. On holidays and weekends it will cost approximately $24 for an adult to get into these two areas, and it will cost kids in elementary school or below approximately $12.

Source: The Mainichi


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