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Franchouchou Takes on Saga with Nine New ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Manhole Covers

All nine new ZOMBIE LAND SAGA manhole covers


Zombie idol anime ZOMBIE LAND SAGA is all about revitalizing Saga Prefecture—both in the fiction of the show and in real life. Part of the undead idol group’s efforts include the installation of a series of brightly painted manhole covers throughout all 20 of Saga’s municipalities. So far, 21 have been installed over the first two waves, with nine more on their way.


These nine new manhole covers will appear in eight cities across Saga, seven of which have yet to be included in the initiative. Additionally, Franchouchou’s manager and mascot will be in the mix!


ZOMBIE LAND SAGA manhole cover placement


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The map above shows the placement of all the manhole covers so far, including the upcoming third wave. These nine covers will feature newly created art with local motifs:


Sakura by the Torii Gates in the Sea

Sakura Minamoto poses by Tara’s Torii Gates in the Sea, a popular photo spot.


Saki Nikaido going grass skiing

Saki Nikaido grabs a sled to go grass skiing, a popular tourist activity in Kiyama.


Ai at Hijiridake Observation Deck

Ai Mizuno sends love from a heart-shaped basin at Omachi’s Hijiridake Observation Deck


Junko at Chuo Park

Junko Konno enjoys the flowers at Kamimine’s Chuo Park.


Yugiri in Genkai

Yugiri enjoys the sunset over the Hamanoura Rice Terrace in Genkai.


Lily and lotus

Lily Hoshikawa enjoys the lotus pond at Chikuri-Doi Park in Miyaki.


Tae at Minna no Kouen

The Legendary Tae Yamada takes a nap at Kohoku’s Minna no Kouen.


Kotaro and Romero with squid

Kotaro Tatsumi and Romero celebrate the sweetness of Yobuko’s squid.


Kotaro, Romero, crab

… and the deliciousness of Takezaki crab.


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The nine new manhole covers will appear throughout Saga starting in November, eventually bringing the Franchouchou rep up to 30 pieces of cute civic art.


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