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Flying Pokémon (and Pikachu) Take to Skies on New ANA Airplane

Pokémon ANA plane


Ever since PokéMania swept the world in the late 90s, Pokémon has been taking to the skies representing its home country on planes departing Japan. Now with the start of the Pokémon Air Adventures project, many more companies and countries around Asia will be joining the PokéFun. 


With China Airlines and Skymark already flying high with their new planes, over the last week All Nippon Airways unveiled what their new plane will look like as well as the routes it will take.


Pokémon ANA plane


Pokémon ANA plane


The ANA Pokémon plane features all flying Pokémon as well Pikachu with balloons, including a Rayquaza that wraps around the entire aircraft and a Latios and Latias on the other side. The plane will be entering service on June 4 and is scheduled to run for five years. 


Some routes from Haneda in Tokyo (and back) include Bangkok, Manila, Sydney, Vancouver and Honolulu. All the flight numbers are on ANA’s website to make sure you know which one will be the Pokémon plane.


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The flight itself will have Pokémon available to watch as well as in-plane Pokémon designs, a special boarding gift as well as goods for sale, though details on all of that have yet to be confirmed.


Source: Oricon


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