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FLOW’s Virtual Code Geass Concert Teased in Video


Rock band FLOW has a virtual reality concert on the way in celebration of the Code Geass series, and Gugenka recently shared a teaser video with Anime News Network. In addition to showing a sample of the band’s virtual avatars, the video goes behind the scenes into the rehearsals for the concert, so dive in below ahead of November’s debut.

The VRChat and SHOWROOM platforms will host the concert, which is currently set for November 6 and 13. Voice actor Jun Fukuyama is even getting in on the fun to voice some lines for protagonist Lelouch to utter during the live performance. 

Those looking to virtually attend will need to shell out ¥6,600 (about US$45) for regular tickets or ¥13,200 ($91) for full bundle tickets that come with Code Geass digital figures and avatars. There are also FLOW t-shirts for VRChat avatars for those who purchase tickets by October 25, and all ticket holders will get a Live Entrance Avatar Costume through the MakeAvatar app on October 29.

A free exhibition is now live in VRChat for the Code Geass series in anticipation of the concert. 

Source: Anime News Network