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FEATURE: Your Go-to Anime Character List of Who to Take Trick-Or-Treating This Halloween

Anya SPY x FAMILY second opening


October has been an exciting month. We have a stacked lineup of new anime including Chainsaw Man and BLUELOCK, pumpkin spice lattes are back, and Halloween is right around the corner! As someone who loves anime and the spooky season, why wouldn’t I curate a list of anime characters who’d either be a delight or a fright to take trick-or-treating? While I fully support adults who still go trick-or-treating, I only included kids and teens on this list for maximum cuteness. The following characters are sure to get the most candy in their buckets and they’d (hopefully) be willing to share. 


Eri (My Hero Academia)


Mirio and Eri and My Hero Academia


Eri from My Hero Academia is on the “looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll” alignment chart, and even better, she doesn’t have to dress up for Halloween thanks to the cute little horn on her head! That said, I totally see her getting excited and curious about the holiday — which she accidentally mixed up with Christmas. She’ll no doubt receive heaps of candy from Mirio, Deku, and all of Class 1-A. 


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As for her costume, she’d be an adorable witch with a huge hat that hides her horn. Everyone’s hearts would melt at the sight of Eri trick-or-treating since she hasn’t experienced many holidays like Halloween. She’d be scared of costumes resembling Overhaul, obviously, but Mirio and the others would swoop in and “SMASH” the fake Overhaul into oblivion. Her protection squad will make sure that she has the best Halloween — no real villains welcome! 




Anya in SPY x FAMILY


Our favorite peanut-loving, mischief-making runt from SPY x FAMILY is all about “going big or going home” and would definitely rope Loid and Yor into dressing up with her for Halloween. Based on the episode where Anya requested that Loid reenact a scene from her favorite spy cartoon, we know she loves roleplaying. She’ll want Loid and Yor to dress and act as a king and queen while she would naturally be the princess — a royal spy family if you will.


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As royalty, Anya would be a menace to her enemies, bullying Damien into submission if she crossed paths with him while trick-or-treating. Bill Watkins might be a bit much to deal with as he went out trick-or-treating with his DADDY. It wouldn’t be surprising if Anya managed to convince Loid to rent a castle as a way to show off to her classmates. Franky would be the joker, but instead of making the family laugh, he’d be the one laughing at Loid’s embarrassment from being coerced into dressing up. By the end of the night, Anya would’ve had one too many peanut-flavored candies, but she’d fall asleep happy… and maybe wake up the next day with a cavity or two. Poor Loid.


Bojji (Ranking of Kings)


Bojji in Ranking of Kings


Like Eri, Bojji from Ranking of Kings is the type to be on his best behavior while trick-or-treating. He’ll see it as another adventure with his best friend, Kage, who would sneakily steal other kids’ candy. In an early episode, Bojji was practically turned into a mummy from all the white gauze he needed after being severely injured. Yes, I feel terrible for thinking of that, but I can see that being his Halloween costume. He’d also make an adorable wizard with his green cape — he just needs a magical staff! 


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On Halloween, Bojji would be just like any other normal kid rather than a heavily-criticized prince. We’d also get to see him be happy and safe, free from the troubles that come with wearing a crown. Of course, if a kid or an adult dressed as the bad guy, Bojji would revert to being a hero. I would give all of my candy to Bojji if I could because he deserves it!


Asirpa (Golden Kamuy)


Golden Kamuy


We’re moving on to the older kids on the list, the first of which is Asirpa from Golden Kamuy. Hear me out: Asirpa wouldn’t dress up for Halloween because she wouldn’t want to change out of the clothes that identify her as an Ainu. That said, she’d entertain the idea of trick-or-treating with Sugimoto and the rest of the crew. If it involves food — even though candy doesn’t fit under that category — Asirpa would be 100 percent down to celebrate the holiday!


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Sugimoto would make it his life mission to see Asirpa enjoying herself on Halloween. He’d probably force Shiraishi to dress up in a ridiculous costume just to make her laugh. Any attempts to scare her would go out the door because the girl has gone through so much in her life that jumpscares wouldn’t phase her. Asirpa might introduce the adults to Ainu candy, which would transition into a learning session about her culture that everyone else, including myself, would thoroughly enjoy. 


Mob (Mob Psycho 100)


Mob from Mob Psycho 100


Mob from Mob Psycho 100 is the best teen with telekinetic powers and a bowl cut. Plus, he deals with evil spirits, so he naturally fits on this list. Official art of Mob and other characters in Halloween costumes reveal Mob as a devil, but he’s the opposite. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and wants to be normal just like everyone else. If he sees his friends enjoying Halloween he will too! 


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Reigen might come up with some outlandish schemes for gullible clients on Halloween, stating that more spirits come out during this time of year so they need his services. So rather than trick-or-treating, Mob might be stuck working with Reigen for the night. However, based on past experiences, they’d probably come across actual spirits (so it wasn’t just a scam!) Don’t even think about taking Mob to a haunted house. As we’ve already seen, he’s immune to scares and demons, but ask him about what he wants to do in the future and he’ll break out in cold sweat.


Kaguya (Gintama)




I will preach about Gintama until the day I die because it’s such an underrated show (that’s completed, by the way!). Out of all the eccentric characters, Kaguya is one of my favorites. She’s the most menacing out of everyone on this list because she’s a troublemaker with no manners and has an appetite that’s like a black hole. Gintama has several Halloween-ish episodes, one of which Kaguya briefly dresses up as Chucky, so anything cute and sparkly doesn’t match Kaguya’s image or tastes at all. 


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If you take Kaguya trick-or-treating prepare to have only one or no candy left behind for you to eat. She’ll race the other kids in getting the entire neighborhood’s Halloween candy supply. If her rival, Okita, is around, she’ll pick a fight with him to take all his candy. Gintoki and Shinpachi would also dress up with her, though the former would either be too scared of ghosts to go into a haunted house or come up with antics that Kaguya would participate in. It would be a chaotic night with Yorozuya, but at least it’d be fun! 


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