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FEATURE: Waku Waku!! The 5 Most Exciting Moments in SPY x FAMILY So Far

Anya in sunglasses in SPY x FAMILY


Every now and then, an anime comes along that has a little bit of something for everyone. SPY x FAMILY is one such anime, deftly folding comedy into heartfelt moments, with a healthy dose of suspense apropos to its themes of high-stakes espionage.


Basically, you know it’s going to be good if a single frame of animation is meme-worthy. …Heh.


With a mission as significant as Operation Strix, there’s going to be plenty of combat, too, and our protagonists are no strangers to danger. So while we patiently wait for more episodes to air this October, let’s look back at a few of the times Agent Twilight and company threw down in the name of peace. So exciting!!


Anya is Abducted


Anya crying in SPY x FAMILY


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Poor Anya manages to get herself kidnapped within the first episode, proving a valuable lesson: don’t send out antagonistic radio messages to your enemies for funsies. In hindsight, that’s probably an obvious one, but she had to learn it the hard way.


Loid infiltrates the criminal hideout using one of his patented disguises and escorts Anya to safety before setting a trap to thin out their numbers. They may not be pro tag players as he claims when Anya asks her papa about it later, but he’ll sure as heck make sure to tag them all anyway. Violently.


From this sequence, we get an idea of just how dangerous Loid Forger truly is. Though we were aware of his abilities as a detective, this is a firsthand look into his capability to even the odds against a horde of foes. It’s…a little scary, but at least he’s on our side.


Loid’s Bizarre Proposal


Loid proposes to Yor in SPY x FAMILY


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As part of Operation Strix, the Forgers must present as the perfect family unit. To do this, they enlist the services of a potential wife and mother. Enter Yor Briar, a soft-spoken employee for Berlint City Hall.


With mounting external pressure to find a partner, Yor’s interests intertwine with Loid’s, and the two agree to masquerade as a loving couple. She too has an agenda, you see, covering up the tricky little fact that she’s a deadly assassin.


The pair are confronted by art smugglers out for revenge and are chased into an alleyway where they casually resolve to get married for real. It would be a perfectly touching moment were it not for the concussive explosions and deadly bullets whizzing by.


Actually, you know what? Somehow, those elements make it even sweeter. Aww.


The Trials of Eden Academy


Angry Loid Forger in SPY x FAMILY


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For Operation Strix to succeed, it is critical that Anya be enrolled in the prestigious Eden Academy. To do this, not only will she have to prove her academic capabilities, but the Forgers must be absolutely, positively, EL-E-GANT.


The family undergoes a series of examinations to gauge their demeanor. Things come to a head when a stampede of furious farm animals rush toward them in a frenzy. If it seems a bit extreme it’s because it wasn’t actually supposed to happen. These beasts have somehow gotten loose inadvertently. Ahh, will the Forgers break character in the face of such pressure?


Tensions flare even more when Loid, Yor, and Anya proceed to the interview stage, faced with a rather surly housemaster who asks questions that could be generously described as brusque. Valuable lesson number two: do NOT make two highly trained killers angry…


The Daring Rescue of Princess Anya


Yor ready to fight in SPY x FAMILY


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You want a masterclass in storytelling? SPY x FAMILY is able to get us hyped for an adventure that is completely fabricated to amuse the whims of a child.


Following Anya’s admission into Eden Academy, she is rewarded with whatever her heart desires. Never one to settle for less, she requests an elaborate rescue mission take place, complete with a dastardly villain and his horde of minions.


Loid is none too keen on this endeavor but gathers up the agents of WISE to create an escapade that would impress even Bondman himself. The antics defy description for the most part, with some of the highlights including an impossible trivia challenge, an epic shootout, and an inebriated Yor –the latter of which is equal parts endearing and catastrophic, she’s truly a whole vibe unto herself.


The Great Dodgeball Plan


Anya playing dodgeball in SPY x FAMILY


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SPY x FAMILY manga enthusiasts across the globe were trembling with excitement the moment this chapter hit our screens, and with good reason. It truly embodies everything this franchise is about and just may be the single greatest anime episode of 2022.

To secure a place among the Eden Academy elite, Anya must obtain eight Stella Stars. These golden badges are awarded to those who show great distinction in academia, the arts, or athletics. Rumor has it that the interclass dodgeball game has a Stella at stake, so this is the perfect opportunity for Starlight Anya to shine brightest!

Claiming success is easier said than done, however, with Anya’s class pitted against the overwhelming presence of Bill Watkins, aka Bazooka Bill. Will Anya’s training with Yor pay dividends? Or will Bill make his daddy proud?! It’s funnier, by the way, if you read daddy in Bill’s voice. You’re welcome.


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SPY x FAMILY has been quite the roller coaster in its first twelve episodes. We have so quickly fallen in love with the dysfunctional Forger family, and we’ve barely even scratched the surface of the trials and tribulations that lie ahead.

What have been your favorite moments so far? Have you figured out your favorite Anya face yet? How much do you love drunk Yor? Are you as tired as Loid is? All of these questions and more are awaiting your response in the comment section below.

Your mission is clear, Agent Penguinman. The fate of the world rests with you!


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