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Exclusive Zeke Jaeger Funko POP! Is Here to Command Your Attack on Titan Collection

Zeke Attack on Titan


We were going to keep this covert operation under wraps, but this news is too big for us to contain. Attention Attack on Titan fans! The long-awaited Zeke Jaeger Funko POP! has finally reached its first destination: the Crunchyroll Store. To achieve the next step in Zeke’s plan, he’ll need a bit of help from you. Keep reading if you choose to accept his special mission!


Zeke’s goal is to infiltrate Funko POP! collections all over the country and lead them to victory using whatever means necessary. Help this BEAST of a Funko POP! succeed by heading to the Crunchyroll Store and adding him to your cart today.


NO SPOILER DESCRIPTION: We don’t like to ruin surprises, so this is all we can tell you about Zeke Jaeger from Attack on Titan: He’s a warrior from the nation of REDACTED and is the holder of the REDACTED. Is he feared or respected? Yes. Is he also completely stylish in this uniform? Yes.



The biggest question about this limited Zeke Jaeger Funko POP! isn’t *if* you should buy it—it’s how you’ll display it. Will you keep Zeke in the box or let him out in a full Attack on Titan display with other characters from the franchise? Either way, he’ll command plenty of attention. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the Crunchyroll Store and order your Exclusive Zeke Jaeger Funko POP!




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