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Eren and Co. Scout Out How to Get People to Give Blood in Attack on Titan Red Cross Collab

Red Cross Society x Attack on Titan


Eren, Levi, Erwin, Mikasa and Armin know a little about taking blood so the Japanese Red Cross has teamed up with the Scout Regiment members to learn their ways and get a more steady supply in case of an emergency, such as a Titan attack. The newest anime collaboration with the Red Cross Society delivers a new Attack on Titan visual (above) featuring those members in red and white.





Those who participate in the collaboration have to use the new Love Blood app from the Japanese Red Cross which lets people book a blood donation appointment through the app rather than ringing up or using the website, streamlining the process. Downloading the app will give you a pack of free Attack on Titan LINE stickers and then booking an appointment through the app nets donators a clear file with the visual on it once the donation is complete.


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Source: Meguru Kenketsu on Twitter


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