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Emiri Kato & Kaori Fukuhara’s Legendary VA Unit Kato*Fuku to Hold Their Last Concert in January 2023



Kato*Fuku, the legendary VA unit consisting of Emiri Kato (Kagami Hiiragi Lucky Star, Aura Bella Fiore in Overlord) and Kaori Fukuhara (Tsukasa Hiiragi in Lucky Star, Maria Naruse in The Testament of Sister New Devil), announced on Monday that their last concert, entitled “Kato*Fuku Last Live: Waiwai Hour (Daytime performance) / Nori Nori Night (Night-time performance),” is set to be held at the Asakusa Kegekijo theater in Tokyo on January 22, 2023. They just announced the resumption of their activities after a six-year hiatus last month.


In commemoration of advance sales of the tickets for the concert, a special program will be streamed in PPV format on at 19:00 – 20:00 on October 30 (JST). The viewing fee is 800 yen (5.37 USD).


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Message from Emiri Kato:


Kato*Fuku’s second streaming! This time, we will send you while loosely cooking paella. I am good at paella…. Hmmm. I’m sorry I can’t let you all eat it, but please watch with the intention of eating it with me♪ I’m going to eat a nice meal to feed my energy for the last live concert! Let’s all work together to build up our stamina for the live! 




Message from Kaori Fukuhara:


Kato*Fuku’s last live concert is decided to be held! We asked our producer at the time if we could do our last live, and he gladly agreed to do it. We are not breaking up, so we do not know what will happen in the future, but this will probably be really our last solo live show. It’s been quite a while since we’ve done a full-set live concert, and I’m nervous about how much we can do now, but I will do my best to get on stage without any regrets. Including the web programs that we will be streaming leading up to the concert, I hope to make this a live concert that we all build together, with a feeling like a reunion. Please come and play with us!







Source: CyberZ press release