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Emiri Kato & Kaori Fukuhara’s Legendary VA unit Kato*Fuku Resumes Activities after 6 Years



Kato*Fuku, the legendary VA unit consisting of Emiri Kato (Kagami Hiiragi Lucky Star, Aura Bella Fiore in Overlord) and Kaori Fukuhara (Tsukasa Hiiragi in Lucky Star, Maria Naruse in The Testament of Sister New Devil), announced the resumption of their activities after 6 years!


The two became friends after playing the Hiiragi sisters in Lucky Star. The unit was formed by the two in 2012 to perform the theme song for the TV variety show Adlib Anime Kenkyujyo. Since then, they released hit songs such as “Nostalgia,” the ending theme for the 2013 TV anime Battle Spirits: Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero, and “You Gotta Love Me!,” the ending theme for the 2014 TV anime When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace. They were also active in live performances and other activities, but had taken a six-year hiatus since 2016.


Details of their new activities will be revealed in the three-episode live-streaming program on Its first episode will be live-streamed from 16:00 (JST) / 00:00 (PT) on October 1.






Message from Emiri Kato:


It has been about five years since then. We never thought it would be time to relaunch! Not just us, we are thrilled to have the support of almost all of the staff at the time. By taking new artist photos, we were able to give the audience a sense of “then” and “now.” It gave us a kind of nostalgic feeling at the time of the shoot! We hope you enjoy the current Kato*Fuku in a new light. We have been in close contact with each other in our private lives, but it has been a while since we appeared in front of you as Kato*Fuku, so please come and see Kato*Fuku!




Message from Kaori Fukuhara:


It had been about six years since the team Kato*Fuku including the performers and staff had gathered together. It must have been a long time, but we could not feel it in the atmosphere. This is what Kato*Fuku is all about. The artist photo shoot proceeded in a friendly atmosphere. The adult Kato*Fuku is pretty good, too, isn’t it? (laughs) What in the world will happen to Kato*Fuku? Be sure to watch the October 1 streaming! Please Enjoy!




“You Gotta Love Me!” short MV:



Source: CyberZ press release