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DGK and Afro Samurai Launch Fashion and Skateboard Collab

DGK x Afro Samurai collaboration

Takashi Okazaki’s Afro Samurai is a stylish merging of influences from anime, Western film, Japanese history, and rap culture. First a manga and then an anime starring Samuel L. Jackson, it’s become a hit around the world. And starting today, DGK has made it a part of their catalogue.

The skateboard and apparel brand is launching a fall collab collection today, just in time for fall 2023. And we have a sneak peek at some of the gear available!


The Boards

Skateboard and attire

DGK, founded by Pro Skater Stevie Williams in 2002 as a tribute to skateboarders from less advantaged backgrounds, still stands for the same fundamentals it was founded on. The brand offers shirts, sneakers, accessories, and (of course) boards across a wide variety of designs and inspirations. Past collections include Bruce Lee 80th anniversary goods, collabs with legendary brands like Adidas, and nostalgic faves like Kool-AidAfro Samurai feels like a shoe-in for this entire vibe.

With or without recognizable characters, their seasonal collections are pretty sick. Have a look at their recent Orange Label and Wildstyle collections for an idea of what to expect. The collection will a range of complete skateboards and decks with custom art, lenticular graphic design changes, and foil art.


The Look

Afro Samurai fashion

The DGK x Afro Samurai collection pulls from all across Okazaki’s series. Apparel inspired by Afro himself, his father Justice, and the Rogues’ Gallery he meets along the way will all be available. Hooded fleeces, short and long sleeve T-shirts, footwear, snapback hats, and more will be up for grabs.

You don’t have to be a skater to appreciate (or sport!) these looks, either. With a wide variety of apparel and accessories to choose from, you can bring one of anime’s most influential series to your everyday wardrobe.


The Collab

Skateboard in action

The DGK x Afro Samurai Fall 2023 Collection, as mentioned before, drops today. Items range in price between $4-150. Grab a sicker or a beanie if you just want a little touch of the series, or go all in on a skateboard. More information is available on the DGK website.

Afro Samurai tells the story of the first Black anime character as he hunts for the villain that murdered his father, Justice, while he was a child. The tale follows Afro on his journey to attain the #1 headband, showing he’s the world’s greatest warrior and granting him God level powers. The only way to grasp the headband is to venture through an apocalyptic world where groups of criminals & assassins are all fighting for the chance to seize the sequential headbands which gives them combat superiority. When Afro finally finds Justice, the main antagonist who currently wears the #1 headband, he properly avenges his father and takes his rightful place as the world’s greatest warrior.